Do make yourself at home.

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Sarah Manning: a summary

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can someone invent a candle that smells like a blown out candle

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against all odds.

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trying to take a picture with your friends with a phone that doesnt have a front camera

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it’s just a show about clones 

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What was your funniest or most memorable moment on set? (x)

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[Tat] falls a lot. She falls a lot actually. I’m seriously doubting her coordination right now ‘cause I’m thinking of the number of times she’s fallen out of a chair. —Jordan Gavaris on his funniest moment on set [x] (via clonefusion)
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"rock n roll? the sink is broken what the heck is wrong with you?"


also helena bb why did you feel the need to break the sink

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OBTumblr is proud to present an all-new, super sassy #AskOB with the fabulous Jordan Gavaris (x)!

Double dates. Set hilarity. Wild fan theories. All A select few of your orphanblack questions, answered!

Enjoy, #CloneClub.

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it’s the scottish independence referendum tomorrow

or as i like to call it

the great british break off

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Did anyone else notice that Sarah’s punk hair in the pilot is foreshadowing the other clones?

She has braids = Cosima
She has blonde streaks = Helena and Rachel
She has it partially pulled back = Alison

Nicely done hair stylists!

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Oh yeah.

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lithilum: I still miss you, can you send me a hug?


We’ll do you one better. How about a brand new #AskOB with the fabulous Jordan Gavaris?

That’s right, #CloneClub. Jordan’s tackling your tough questions. Including…


Coming later today. Stay tuned.